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Bourbon is an exquisite fragrance with harmonizing aromas of floral top notes of rose and violet , enhanced by tobacco leaf and hints of vanilla toffee, supported by a background of oak and a hint of wood smoke.The result is a soothing, and equally nostalgic fragrance.

BOURBON - Travel Tin Candle

VAT Included
  • About Elate & Co

    What began in the kitchen as a personal project to create a scented candle that would give fragrance till the last burn and also be both sustainable and nontoxic, has now grown into a company where we now hand-pour our candles from our atelier in Holland.

    We are a Danish mother and daughter home fragrance company who specialize in sustainable rapeseed wax candles. By using a European rapeseed wax blend we have chosen a wax that is kind to the environment.

    Our fragrances are carefully selected and both cruelty and toxin free - Long and clean burn.

    Our 100% non-bleached fibers ribbon wicks are the newest generation of wicks which give a perfect and stronger scent throw. All of these conscious steps we have taken to develop the cleanest and most perfect burn for our candles. All our candles are designed both in look and scent to suit all homes from the minimal Scandinavian to the bohemian lifestyle and interior.

  • Newest generation of wicks, ribbon wicks which gives a perfect throw and greater burning consistency - 100% natural fibers.

    100% Non-GMO & sustainable European rapeseed wax.
    All fragrances oils are carefully chosen and non-toxic, cruelty-free and vegan.

    Burn hours of 10-15 hours or more when burned properly. (out of drafts, etc.)

    Height :30 mm
    Diameter :75 mm

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